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Children’s Vision


What’s the Most Important School Supply?

A Healthy Pair of Eyes!

Make sure your child’s vision is “school-ready”:

  • With early vision screening by age 30 months or before the age of three as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • A full eye exam by an optometrist as recommended by your children’s physician.
  • A complete well-child check-up with vision, hearing and dental exams as well as other developmental checks that are recommended for your child’s age.

ECC is a proud participant in Infant See, the national initiative of helping infants to establish a lifetime of healthy vision.

What you can do to protect your child’s vision:

Below we have included a few warning signs for you, the parent, to be aware of. If you notice any of these things, please have your child be seen by an eye doctor immediately.


  1. Do they consistently turn their head to one side when picking something up?
  2. Do they seem startled if you approach from one side vs. the other?
  3. Do they seem to consistently miss seeing something of interest?
  4. Were there any complications during or immediately after birth?
  5. Do their pupils look the same?
  6. Do they have a family history of lazy eye?

Pre-school Children

  1. Do they sit close to the TV because they say they cannot see it?
  2. Do they complain of headaches?
  3. Do they tilt their head to one shoulder or to one side consistently when watching TV or reading?
  4. Do they have a shorter attention span than usual when doing near tasks?
  5. Were they slower than expected in hitting their milestones?

Elementary & Jr. High

  1. Do they have attention issues?
  2. Do they complain of consistent headaches?
  3. Do they complain of double vision or blurred vision at distance or near?
  4. Do they have trouble seeing the board?
  5. Have their reading comprehension scores started to drop?
  6. Do they lose their place on the page or use their fingers to keep track of where they are on the page (after 2nd grade)?

Recommended eye exams:

A comprehensive eye exam is recommended at the following ages:

  • By 12 months (Free of charge as part of Federal Infant See Program)
  • Age 2
  • Kindergarten
  • Third Grade
  • Sixth Grade
  • High School Freshman or before driving
  • College Freshman or Equivalent

Interesting Facts

Why is it important for you to provide your children with eye care?

80% of what we learn in life is through our visual system YET:

  • Less than 15% of all preschoolers receive eye examinations.
  • Less than 22% of all preschoolers have an adequate vision screen.
  • There are no uniform criteria for screening failure across the country, state, county or school district.
  • 25% of 10 year olds have vision problems that affect their learning ability.

Should your child end up needing glasses, we offer affordable “kid’s packages” that include all of the add-ons a kid will need when it comes to their glasses. Ask about this deal at your child’s next vision exam.