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Eyelid Disorders

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We Can Help Your Eyelid Disorder

Eyelid disorders can range in severity, from self-resolving conditions to tumors. Most eyelid disorders are not vision threatening, though they are known to cause discomfort and in many instances blurred or fluctuating vision.. Proper diagnosis is important in proper management of the condition.

Your eyelids are a part of your eye that you’ve likely never thought about. Your eyelids play an essential role in the health of your eye: they provide physical protection from light and small objects; they distribute tears and ensure the eye is properly lubricated; they wash the eye every time you blink.

We are eyelid specialists, capable of diagnosing and treating most eyelid disorders. If you have concerns regarding your eyelids, please schedule an exam.

A brief overview of your eyelids – Your eyelids are anatomically complex, made up of different types of skin and muscles. They also contain glands that lubricate the eye, providing protection against dirt, pathogens, and allergens.

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